Plural Publishing has released Translational Perspectives in Auditory Neuroscience, a new three-part reference book series on auditory neuroscience by Tremblay and Burkhard.

 The series begins with Normal Aspects of Hearing. Its first chapter discusses acoustics, and Auditory Nurology texts subsequent chapters focus on the anatomy and physiology of the peripheral and central auditory systems in a traditional manner. The text then explores the caudal through rostral levels and ends with the descending auditory system. These chapters review topic areas that are mainly considered basic research. However, the final section of the book attempts to tie perception to the underlying physiologic responses. These chapters are parsed into stimulus factors, such as intensity, frequency, binaural stimulation, and complex sounds.??

The second book of the series, Hearing Across the Life span — Assessment and Disorders, reviews the developing auditory system, what happens as humans age, as well as a brief synopsis of the disordered auditory system. These aspects of human perception are then extended by the discussion of state of the art noninvasive physiologic measures of hearing. Many of these measures are tools used to assay the auditory system in applied research studies, as well as used in the clinical evaluation of subjects.

Finally, Special Topics interweaves both basic and applied research. It is designed to provide “translational” perspectives on “hot topics” in hearing science, according to the publisher.

SOURCE:?Plural Publishing Inc