CareerCast, an online job resource website, has ranked “audiologist” as the 6th least-stressful occupation for 2013. “Audiologist” was ranked as the #1 least-stressful job in 2011 (generating numerous protests from the field) and #6 in 2012.

In order, here are CareerCast’s 10 least-stressful jobs:

1) University professor

2) Seamstress/Tailor

3) Medical records technician

4) Jeweler

5) Medical laboratory technician

6) Audiologist

7) Dietitian

8) Hair stylist

9) Librarian

10) Drill press operator

In this year’s description, CareerCast wrote: “Audiologist is a field with a tremendous outlook for growth, as well as a healthy median pay level that rises annually with demand. The work environment is pleasant, the clients are passive (typically elderly), and most audiologists maintain their own practice and set their own hours.”

The stress factors that go into the calculation include travel time, growth potential, deadlines, competitiveness, working in the public eye, physical demands, environmental conditions, hazards encountered, own life or life of others at risk, and meeting the public.

According to the website, the median salary of an audiologist is $66,600, which was more than $4,000 higher than a university professor and more than $12,000 higher than any of the other professions listed.

SOURCE: CareerCast