Beltone, a hearing care provider, announced that it now offers real-time video hearing care appointments from more than 1,500 Beltone Hearing Centers in North America, reducing the need for in-office visits at a time when older, more vulnerable populations are advised to stay at home.

Beltone Remote Care Live gives hearing care professionals the ability to both consult with patients via video and to remotely make hearing aids adjustments through the Beltone HearMax phone app in real time. 

Recognizing that COVID-19, or coronavirus, is a serious issue for the patient populations typically using hearing aids, telehealth services can be a useful tool for both hearing care professionals and their patients.

“We are fully committed to helping our patients through this difficult time and have accelerated the launch of this service to do exactly that. Remote Care Live becomes even more important as patient access to in-person hearing care is limited as communities across the country implement various ‘stay home’ policies to help minimize COVID-19 spread,” said Beltone President Monte Dillow.

“We’ve seen the growth of telemedicine in many medical settings, but it has been a recent introduction to hearing care,” Dillow continues. “With Beltone Remote Care Live, we really take it to a new level, making it easier on our patients and their families to access the hearing care they need.” 

To learn more about Beltone Remote Care Live, visit to find a Beltone Location near you. 

Source: Beltone