Vivosonic’s products have been officially introduced in China with an event that included a traditional Chinese lion dance, symbolizing prosperity. The launch comes after Vivosonic received several regulatory approvals by the State Food and Drug Administration of the People’s Republic of China.

Vivosonic products were showcased at several important seminars in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. The seminars, organized by KAM Healthcare Group, the exclusive distributor of Vivosonic’s Integrity V500 System and Aurix Newborn Hearing Screening System, were reportedly attended by more than 200 leading experts, scholars, doctors, and clinical professionals from major medical institutions.

A new 40 Hz ERP (event related potential) test modality has been developed especially for audiology practices in China. This measurement technique, often used to obtain hearing thresholds levels at low frequencies in young "active" children, is now available. The company said in its press statement that clinical evidence has shown that “40 Hz ERP may be a technique that can augment traditional ABR threshold testing.”

The 40 Hz ERP modality will include Integrity’s filtering techniques that minimize the effects of myogenic noise. Wireless capabilities will enable the audiologist to collect recordings while a child plays quietly, untethered to the equipment.

"Our entry into the Chinese market is a New Beginning for Vivosonic, and an important milestone in our global expansion," says Mike Schnekenburger, president and CEO of Vivosonic. "KAM Healthcare Group has done a tremendous job organizing these seminars and supporting us in our efforts."

SOURCE: Vivosonic