The theme for Better Hearing and Speech Month is "Listening Up in a Down Economy," and the campaign focuses on how hearing health issues affect job security, performance, and employment options.

The Better Hearing Institute, (BHI), Washington, is encouraging people of all ages who are seeking employment or who want to protect their jobs, to make sure that unaddressed hearing loss does hinder their employment success. For Better Hearing and Speech Month, BHI urges hearing health professionals nationwide to help kick off the campaign.

Click here to download the organization’s 2009 hearing health professional local media kit, which includes:

-Customizable press release for hearing health professionals
-Backgrounder on hearing health
-A news feature article: When it comes to job interviews, how you hear affects how you look: 5 tips for hearing and looking your best
-Key messages for interviews with reporters
-BHI screening audiogram form
-BHI quick hearing check

[Source: BHI]