David Schaer

David Schaer was recently named president of Computers Unlimited, Billings, Mont, a software provider for audiology and hearing aid clinics and developer of TIMS Software.

Schaer joined the company in 1995, working in sales and new technology development management.

The move follows a series of enhancements to the TIMS Software product, including a new branding image and the release of the latest version of their audiology product, TIMS Software version 5.1.

The company was founded in 1978 by Schaer’s father, Michael Schaer, with its roots in cylinder and inventory management software for the industrial welding supply and home medical equipment industries.  After studying finance, operations and strategic management at Boston College, David Schaer went to work for a major Japanese bank in New York City upon graduation. To further his industry knowledge, Schaer joined AWISCO, a New York-based welding and gases distributor as a purchasing agent.

With newly acquired industry experience, Schaer came to work for Computers Unlimited in 1995 as a salesperson, learning the business from the ground up. He advocates keeping a watchful eye on the market and the changing face of technology, saying that “if a company takes its eye off its market, it’s likely to get passed by.”

Schaer says serving the customer is the foremost priority. “We have to take care of the customer,” he says. “They are the center of everything we do. The technology is almost secondary. Not only have we been able to provide customers with each new version, but also a path to best utilize it,” he says.

Schaer continues the tradition of growing the company by focusing on a core commitment: delivering timely technological enhancements that help customers operate more efficient, profitable businesses.

Computers Unlimited is a software provider of practice management software for audiologists; claims processing, reimbursement, and denial management software for home medical equipment providers; integrated order processing solutions for IV drugs and supplies, oral medications and inhalation drugs for infusion therapy and closed pharmacies; and also a supplier of cylinder tracking, management, and rental software for industrial gas and welding supply distributors.

For more than 30 years, their line of Total Information Management System (TIMS) Software products has assisted companies of all sizes, including many industry leaders, in running more efficiently and maintaining a competitive edge in the markets they serve throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Europe.

[Source: Computers Unlimited]