The Hearing Instrument Manufacturers’​ Software Association (HIMSA) announced price reductions for its Noah ES subscription service, which is the cloud-enabled version of its unified system for performing client-related tasks.

Noah ES was created to provide a secure service that offers 24-hour access for up-to-date patient data, according to the association.

Noah ES now has over 1,300 active users in the U.S. and Europe and growing, with cloud performances being stable and reliable, the association says. Current Noah ES accounts range from small businesses with only one Noah ES user, up to the association’s largest Noah ES business, which has over 200 users sharing a single Noah ES database.

The company says it has dramatically lowered prices for Noah ES annual subscriptions.

For example, a business that signs up for a Noah ES start account—that includes three Noah ES users—will now pay $45 a month with a one-year subscription. This service also features a free 30-day trial period, according to HIMSA.

HIMSA says it has already sent out rebates to existing customers for the balance of their subscriptions following this new announcement, according to the association.

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