The economy is tanking. The stores are jammed.  And…DINGDONG!! 

The season wouldn’t be complete without the annual musical holiday greeting by The Water Coolers, a professional singing comedy troupe specializing in workplace-themed performances for corporate and theatrical audiences. The group was the main entertainment comedy troupe featured at the American Academy of Audiology meeting.

This year, the troupe, which is a finalist for an Event Solutions Spotlight Award, has selected visiting in-laws as the top holiday hassle to be celebrated with a song parody.

“My In-Laws are Coming to Town” is this year’s take on an annual tradition by the troupe, and follows up on last year’s hit, “The Carol of the Wii,” its commentary on searching for the “hot” gift. The musicians’ tradition is seeks to find the humor in the talk around the office water cooler for thei performances at corporate events and in theaters around the country.  “Our writers include professional comedy writers and people with day jobs,” said Sally Allen, executive producer “and one of them noted that you’re not going to complain about your in-laws to your spouse, so you do it at work.”

Although not a holiday greeting, another seasonal hassle satirized by group in their performances is the ongoing push by officemates to sell gift items as school fundraisers. “Who Will Buy” is a favorite among audience members (or maybe loyal followers). To see and hear a sample, visit: