Approximately 9,900 attendees from 96 countries were present at the 67th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA 2023), which featured 24 expert lectures, a “Knowledge Symposium,” a roundtable discussion, and four tutorials as well as four “Future Friday” keynote lectures. 

Additionally, 130 exhibitors from 17 countries presented their innovations at the industry exhibition, according to the organization.

Scientific programs at the event detailed topics such as Auracast and an overview of the state of OTC hearing devices in the U.S. In addition, there was a roundtable discussion on “Changing hearing aid acoustics: The European perspective on the future of better hearing and intelligibility,” which also highlighted a perspective for Switzerland. Indeed, Switzerland served as the exhibition’s first-ever “partner country.”

The winners of the EUHA Sponsorship Award—which recognizes and supports young talent in the field of hearing aids—where also announced. The first place prize went to Sonja Tänzer, BSc, for her presentation: “Effectiveness of hearing aid fitting for patients with almost normal pure-tone audiograms to reduce tinnitus.” Here she looked at a phenomenon known as “hidden hearing loss.”

Marianne Frickel was the recipient of the FDHA Foundation Award and was honored for her outstanding commitment to the hearing care space.

Other topics addressed at the exhibition stands included Bluetooth, new battery technology, low energy, AI, small RIC systems, and modern designs.

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On “Future Friday,” apart from the four keynote presentations held in the afternoon, some seventy apprentices and pupils took part in a guided tour of the exhibition. A special lecture given by Peter Mestel focused on “Social media for young professionals.”

The lectures held at the Congress will soon be available on the EUHA Learning Hub

The 68th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians is scheduled to be held in Hanover from Oct. 16 -18 2024, and will feature Denmark as its partner country.

Featured image: The 67th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians. Photo: EUHA/Foto Rechtnitz