Henning Falster, director of meetings and events for Oticon, Inc who is known for his “flawlessly planned and executed professional conferences and events,” announced he will retire in August after 47 years with Oticon. According to the announcement, during his tenure, Falster has been a driving force in establishing a gold standard for Oticon’s professional conferences and events that emphasize high educational content and quality.  He has led, designed, and managed knowledge-sharing events across the US and in more than a dozen countries involving tens of thousands of practitioners, audiology students, and educators.

Henning Falster

“To be a successful director of events, you need a strategic vision and an aptitude for managing contingencies, changes, and the evolving needs and expectations of a diverse group of stakeholders,” said Oticon President Gary Rosenblum. “You also need the ability to defuse a tense situation or rally a tired team with patience, kindness, and a great sense of humor.  We thank Henning for bringing all of those talents to his work for Oticon over the past four-plus decades. Through his unwavering commitment to excellence, he has helped Oticon to develop a team of skilled event professionals, positioning us well for continued leadership in world-class events that support professional growth and practice success for our valued professional partners.”

Falster joined Oticon in 1974 as a field sales engineer and has held positions in sales management, product management, customer support, and marketing. After accepting a management position at Oticon US headquarters, he applied his customer experience to product management and customer support, including customer service, data processing, telemarketing, and audiology support. Later, he transitioned to marketing where he was responsible for new product launches and support programs for hearing care providers. 

Falster has served on a number of industry and association committees. A passionate industry advocate who has influenced positive changes at the national audiology conventions, he was instrumental in establishing the Oticon-sponsored Marion Downs Pediatric Lecture Series held each year at the American Academy of Audiology Conference. In 2021, the Marion Downs Pediatric Lecture Series will celebrate its 17th year.

“Henning is already at work planning an active retirement, with much deserved time to enjoy family and friends at his homes in New Jersey and Colorado,” said Rosenblum.  “Travels on land, air, and sea will continue to be in his future. He is especially looking forward to sailing his new boat on Lake Erie with his sons and grandsons. We wish Henning the very best and thank him for his many years of service to Oticon and the hearing industry.” 

Source: Oticon

Image: Oticon