New York — New York subway riders who wear hearing aids equipped with telecoils are now able to hear subway information and directions through the subway system’s new multimillion dollar hearing loop system.

Between subway noise, poor quality speakers, and poor underground acoustics, it’s difficult enough for people without hearing loss to hear and understand subway information through New York’s Manhattan Transit Authority (MTA) subway system. Visual signs and maps help those with hearing aids, but even native New Yorkers often need to ask for directions from tollbooth operators. 

Now, New Yorkers and city visitors with hearing aids will benefit from a new $13.5 million subway hearing loop project that will install loop systems inside 400 subway booths around the city.

According to an article from NY1, a city cable news service, the project is due to the efforts of Janice Shachter Lintz and her advocacy group, Hearing Access Program.

NY1 also reports the hearing loop project had been under consideration for quite some time, but it was only after the MTA received federal stimulus funds that the system could be installed.

More information and a video are available on the NY1 website.