The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), Rockville, Md, was set to welcome and honor Annie Glenn on June 25 for her many years of advocacy on behalf of people with communication disorders and for inspiring the Annie Glenn Award, an honor ASHA bestows annually to advocates in the tradition of Mrs Glenn. The most recent recipient of The Annie Glenn Award was Vice President Joseph Biden.

Glenn has struggled and shared her experience with a severe stuttering problem for most of her life. Although she does not consider herself cured, after working with speech-language pathologists she now speaks more fluidly and gives many speeches to support her untiring advocacy work.

The Glenns were to be ASHA’s guests as the “Annie” is put on permanent display in the lobby of ASHA’s national office.

Glenn has presented the “Annie” since 1987 to individuals who know what it’s like living with a communication disorder. In addition to Biden, past recipients have included Julie Andrews, Bob and Lee Woodruff, Mick Fleetwood, and Jane Seymour.

[Source: ASHA]