GN, a hearing aid solutions provider, and Soundly, a consumer education resource for hearing wellness, have partnered to present a digital art campaign aimed at demystifying hearing loss and hearing health. 

The campaign,“Inside the Ear,” showcases a series of fascinating and educational videos created by award-winning digital artist, Design Cells, which illustrate the complex inner workings of the ear.   

“At GN, our mission extends beyond providing innovative hearing technologies. Through campaigns such as ‘Inside the Ear’ we are dedicated to educating and empowering individuals, enabling them to make informed decisions about their hearing health and inspire proactive steps toward achieving better hearing,” says Mirjam van Oort-Lohuis, chief marketing officer, GN Hearing.

GN and Soundly unite with a shared vision to cultivate greater awareness and education surrounding the crucial significance of maintaining optimal hearing health, the companies say. Through a series of animated videos, the campaign captures different elements of the ear and hearing function to foster a deeper understanding of how ears work. The full collection of videos can be viewed here

The “Inside the Ear” campaign centers around a series of commonly unknown facts about hearing, educating consumers about ears through visual animations.

“Hearing wellness has never been more important, yet many people have little understanding of how their hearing works. We hope this visual project will give curious minds a new appreciation for the world inside the ear,” says Soundly CEO, Blake Cadwell.

With the “Inside the Ear” campaign, consumers are equipped with immersive visual tools to enhance their understanding of ear health and function, creating a further appreciation for the profound impact hearing health has on overall well-being.

Consumers are becoming more and more driven to gain a deeper understanding of their health, and “Inside the Ear” aims to offer them innovative tools to comprehend the intricacies of their ears. Explore the complete “Inside the Ear” digital art collection and delve into the significance of hearing health by clicking here.

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Photo: GN Hearing