CavCom has been recognized for its “Talk Through Your Ears for TeamTalk” system in the fourth annual Hearing Technology Innovator Awards. 

CavCom’s “Talk Through Your Ears for TeamTalk” system allows team members to speak hands-free for a completely seamless voice communication experience. This hands-free innovation allows work teams to keep conversations flowing while continuing to manage the task at hand. The system is designed for industrial workers, first responders, medical teams, and any work crews requiring close coordination and fast reaction times, the company says.

The annual awards program by Hearing Health & Technology Matters acknowledges technological innovation and accomplishments in the hearing industry. This year’s program featured numerous innovative technologies submitted by companies from all around the world across eight distinct categories, according to the company. Since 2020, the awards program has raised over $25,000 in support of hearing-related charities.

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“Talk Through Your Ears for TeamTalk” is designed for high noise conditions and when personal protective equipment (PPE) covering the mouth makes speech communication difficult, says CavCom. 

“Our unique and innovative earpieces combine a tiny in-ear microphone and speaker with superior hearing protection capabilities to provide consistently clear communications,” says CavCom President Beth Orton. “When the microphone is in the ear, it doesn’t matter how much gear covers your head and mouth—the speech is always distinct and easy to understand.”CavCom offers fully custom lab-manufactured and universal style earpieces to accommodate all sizes and shapes of ears and personal preferences, to ensure comfort throughout a long work shift. The TeamTalk system can also be linked to a traditional two-way radio, allowing team members to communicate outside their hands-free group if needed.