The European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) announced that the 65th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians schedule is now available. Future Friday will be held this year, for the second time, focusing on major topics associated with the future of hearing aid acoustics. The Congress will take place on September 15-17, 2021 at Deutsche Messe Hannover.

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Apart from current topics such as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on hearing health, tinnitus, and listening effort, a series of lectures centering on public health politics will be debuted on Thursday; the telematics infrastructure in the German healthcare system will be one of the subjects discussed. On Friday, an ENT specialist and a lawyer will be discussing cochlear implants, highlighting the question of “Patient or clinic – Who is the operator of a cochlear implant?” and focusing on the hearing aid acoustician’s role. The multifaceted topic of earmolds and acoustic coupling of hearing systems will be looked at from different perspectives. New findings in microphone technology, language intelligibility, and essential new service sectors for hearing aid acousticians will also play a role, as will the provision of CI and bone conduction devices. 

Hands-on: tutorials The EUHA offers four tutorials where expert knowledge is passed on step by step and in an easy-to-understand manner. Participants are encouraged to ask questions so that they will be able to apply the newly acquired knowledge in their daily routine. One of the topics discussed will deal with “Best practice in CI therapy” and case examples submitted by participants to the EUHA in advance will be studied. Another tutorial is dedicated to percentiles. Information on how hearing aid acousticians can offer successful counseling on hearing will be shared in the tutorial “Coaching skills.”The fourth tutorial presents a digital ear scan as a tool for high-quality custom hearing instrument fitting. 

Future Friday Future Friday has exciting keynote lectures on the future of hearing aid acoustics and hearing technology in store. The event is set to start on Friday, September 17, 2021, at 9 AM, at the exhibition stands. Participating exhibitors will offer insights into the future of hearing at their stands. Delegates can discover more by going to: in the run-up to the event. 

As soon as the industry exhibition ends on Friday at 2 PM, the special lecture program of the Future Friday will kick off: exciting, forward-looking topics will be presented in four keynotes by experts. Professor Dr Tobias Moser has an update on the optogenetic cochlear implant. Dr Birgitta Gabriel will be presenting “The hearing care professional of the future.” Stefan Menzl will shed light on the future of hearing systems. Scott Peterson will introduce the new cloud-based NOAH ES, opening up fresh perspectives for hearing aid acousticians to work with their customers. 

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Source: EUHA