Chatable (HAAC Ltd) announced in a white paper – “Breaking Through the 6ms Latency Barrier” – what the company describes as “a dramatic fundamental breakthrough in artificial intelligence (AI) for conversation enhancement.” The white paper introduces Chatable AI v3.0 Edge: “the first on-chip inline deep neural network (DNN) for direct audio processing that has no perceptible latency.”

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Chatable AI v3.0 Edge features inline DNNs running on-chip and in real time with <5ms of round-trip latency to “ensure that users never hear any delay in the sound.” Performing over one hundred million AI calculations per second and using the microphone of a TWS earbud or hearing aid, Chatable AI v3.0 Edge helps provide “a vivid, new conversational speech experience to users,” according to the company.

“Big-Tech players have recently described superhuman hearing as a moonshot – so, it feels like we’re the first team on the moon. This is a watershed moment for the industry and a vindication for our unique neuroscience-led AI approach,” said Giles Tongue, CEO of Chatable.

“Current industry approaches using inline DNN either suffer from inherent latency problems and are too big for on-chip deployment, or they suffer from limited efficacy if the DNN is used to control traditional hearing aid DSP settings rather than the DNN processing the sound directly. We’re the first to have cracked both the latency problem and the on-chip problem for inline DNN,” said Dr Andrew Simpson, Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer. “As a scientist, working in secret on something of this magnitude is tremendously exciting and the whole team is buzzing. We’ve known for a while that our neuroscience-led AI approach was taking us in a really different direction to the rest of the field but the results have exceeded our expectation.”

Chatable AI v3.0 Edge is currently sampling with early customers.

Original Paper: Simpson AJR, Tongue GH. Breaking through the 6ms latency barrier: A new class of DNN for zero-latency on-chip conversation enhancement. White paper. Published 2021. Chatable.

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Chatable is an AI startup company. Chatable was founded in 2017 with investment from US billionaire Mark Cuban and is headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

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