TORRANCE, Calif—AcuNetx Inc, a manufacturer of VNG and VORT balance-testing diagnostic equipment, has announced that it has signed a Letter of Intent with Applied Technology Holdings (ATH) of Laguna Beach, Calif, to market ATH’s proprietary BioMotion Sensors to healthcare professionals who deal with or focus on balance- and fall-related issues. The sensors will be incorporated into a turn-key package and sold through IntelliNetx, an AcuNetx operating unit.

“ATH’s proprietary sensor technology is an ideal complement to the products we have assembled. It permits us to provide our customers with the very best balance program available…anywhere,” said Ron Waldorf, CEO of AcuNetx. “ATH’s sensors represent a simple, low-cost approach to evaluating a patient’s walking patterns. Equally important, they will give us a clear competitive advantage as the company’s “Balance Project” evolves into a full-service, turn-key program.”

According to AcuNetx, $19 billion a year is spent on balance-related problems. It is one of the most common complaints of patients and is the cause of 14,000 deaths of people over 65 years of age annually (Note: The number of people 65 years of age or older is projected to double in the next twenty years). According to government data, a reduction of hip fractures and/or hip replacements by a mere 5% would result in a savings of $1 billion a year to Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurers.

The importance of this health issue has not been lost on Congress. Indeed, it is being addressed by the Safety of Seniors Act of 2007 sponsored by Senators Enzi (Wy) and co-sponsored by Senators Hatch (Utah), Kennedy (Mass), Kohl (Wis), and Mikulski (Md). The bill recently passed the Senate on a unanimous vote, and is now in the House of Representative’s Committee on Energy and Commerce.

“We are excited about the impact that ATH’s BioMotion technology will have on AcuNetx’s optimization of balance assessment and rehabilitation,” says Patrick Dunn, president of Applied Technology Holdings, Medical Technology Group. “By working together, we are helping to create treatment and therapy that will address a very critical need for this significant healthcare dilemma.”

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