February 27, 2008

Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation, manufacturer of an active ambient in-ear monitoring system, has announced the first promotional program in the company’s history. In anticipation of the coming tour season, the Sensaphonics “Hear It All” promotion provides purchasers of the 3D Active Ambient IEM system with free ear impressions, plus a hearing test and fitting.

The program is scheduled to run through April 30, 2008.

“Obviously, we’re promoting the 3D Active Ambient, which is truly a unique product” notes company president Michael Santucci, a practicing audiologist. “But more importantly, we want to encourage all musicians and engineers to get their hearing checked. Too many musicians buying custom earphones just run out and get impressions made.”

“There are plenty of hearing professionals who will gladly shoot goop in your ears,” Santucci continues. “That’s fine, but it’s really just a starting point. The ‘Hear It All’ program makes it easy to take that process to the next level.” With a hearing test providing baseline information on state of a musician’s hearing, Sensaphonics reports, it becomes a simple matter to track changes over time. A fitting session for custom earphones is designed to ensure the customer has a good fit and is confident inserting the earphones.

Sensaphonics describes the 3D Active Ambient as a custom earphone system with an embedded binaural microphone system that allows musicians to add natural stage ambience to their in-ear mix with a compact bodypack mixer. Artists who use the 3D include Brooks & Dunn, R. Kelly, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, and drummer Dennis Chambers. Two versions are available: the 3DAA, for use with conventional wireless IEMs systems, and the 3DHW, a standalone hardwired system. Both are offered with either single-driver or dual-driver earphones.

“When I started this company in 1985, it was to help preserve the sense of hearing in musicians,” notes Santucci, “and that remains our entire focus. I think it’s safe to say that we’re the only company in the music industry that would rather sell a hearing test than a pair of earphones. With this promotion, we’re giving our customers both.”

Source: Sensaphonics