Unitron—a Canada-based hearing healthcare company—announced further expansion of its Tempus™ platform line-up with Insera™, the company’s new in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid family and Stride™ M R, a new behind-the-ear (BTE) rechargeable hearing aid. The new products further extend the Tempus platform’s conversation capabilities to wearers of custom hearing instruments and to those patients seeking a greater variety of rechargeable options.

Stride M R charger

Stride M R charger

Conversations just got very personal

Addressing the fact that “no two ears are built alike”, the Insera ITE family’s sophisticated EarMatch™ process reportedly optimizes directional microphone performance by compensating for individual differences in each patient’s ear. The optimal directional performance frees up advanced features in Tempus such as SpeechPro and Spatial Awareness to provide wearers with improved speech understanding in conversation, said Unitron.

“Unitron has engineered its unique Tempus sound processing platform around a philosophy of realism, so everything naturally sounds just the way it should,” said Andre de Goeij, senior director, product  management and strategic initiatives for Unitron. “This means patients are aware of what’s happening around them and know, not only where sounds are coming from, but also perceive the emotional undertones that accompany those sounds,” said de Goeij.

“Driven by Tempus, Insera provides our very best directional performance in custom products,  bringing patients closer to the heart of conversations and ensuring they don’t miss out,” he said.

The Insera Pro is available to US customers in August 2017 with full product family availability in October 2017 throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.

Unitron Insera ITE Family

Unitron Insera ITE Family

A rechargeable BTE that is always ready for anything

With the launch of Stride M R, Unitron expands its choice of rechargeable product options, addressing growing patient demand for flexibility and freedom. Just as patients have become accustomed to charging their smartphones, Stride M R offers similar charge and go capability, according to Unitron. Wearers charge the hearing instrument overnight—for 5-7 hours—and the hearing instrument is ready to perform for a full 24 hours, including 90 minutes of streaming or 16 hours of continuous streaming. According to the company, patients can pull out their Stride M R hearing aids, put them on, and go. Because hearing happens around the clock, Stride M R offers wearers the flexibility to swap rechargeable battery cells with traditional zinc-air batteries at any time, ensuring patients will never run out of charge.

Stride M R Dynamic

Stride M R Dynamic

According to industry research, 70% of patients have indicated a preference for rechargeable hearing instruments.1 Unitron now offers two rechargeable styles based on award-winning designs offering wearers the ultimate flexibility in a range of styles: Stride M R, the behind-the-ear rechargeable that is “always ready for anything,” and Moxi™ Fit R, reportedly the world’s smallest rechargeable hearing instrument based on exterior dimensions and  compared to other products in its class.

Stride M R will be available in North American, Europe, and Australia in early October 2017.

“Hearing aid wearers spend almost two-thirds of every day in conversation and are busy people on the go,” said Lilika Beck, vice president, global marketing, for Unitron.  “They want to actively participate in conversations in noise and crowds—difficult situations where wearers struggle the most—and they want a hearing aid that offers them ease of use and the flexibility to go anywhere at anytime.”

“With an expanded portfolio of BTE, RIC, and ITE product lines and a choice of rechargeable solutions now available on the platform, Tempus continues to change the status quo by delivering unique solutions that are relevant, current, and [able to] address the most important needs of the emerging healthcare consumer,” she said.

Source: Unitron

Images: Unitron

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