Humavox, an Israel-based startup that develops wireless charging technology, announced the launch of its POD wireless charging device for hearing aids at the European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians Congress (EUHA) 2018. The POD is said to utilize Humavox’s ETERNA® technology to help provide a faster wireless charge, and is designed to accommodate any rechargeable hearing aid system requirement. Humavox is showcasing the POD at EUHA’s 63rd International Congress on October 17-19, 2018, Booth C25.

According to the company’s announcement, it is “spearheading the second generation in wireless charging” with its ETERNA® technology—said to be a proprietary method with the application of near-field RF (radio waves) resonance.

The company’s ETERNA® technology is said to power the POD to deliver a wireless charging solution for hearing aid devices, helping to optimize real-time rapid charging and further contributing to rechargeable batteries’ lifespan. Humavox’s POD key characteristics include a programmable fast charge, reportedly achieving 60% charge in one hour and 100% charge in less than two hours; a compact design, and an integrated built-in battery to support on-the-go charging. The POD has one charger that’s compatible with all hearing aid models and enables wireless charging for both standard (BTE/RIC) and custom made devices (ITE/ITC).

“We’re thrilled to further develop our wireless charging technologies to cater to many more industries and applications, while alleviating the challenges that hearing aid users face today,” says Omri Lachman, CEO of Humavox. “At EUHA this year, we’ll be demonstrating how POD wireless charging can improve hearing system experiences, and look forward to seeing the latest developments the industry has to offer.”

Source: Humavox

Image: Humavox website