With a Linear Transfer Function of 113 dB SPL and a Linear Input Dynamic Range of 108 dB, Widex hearing instruments allow wearers to enjoy accurate sound reproduction in many listening environments, including the most challenging situations, the company announced.

“Widex is the only manufacturer that utilizes four A/D converters—each with the highest linear input range in the industry at 113 dB SPL,” said Widex Director of Educational Development, Leslie Staverman, AuD. “By using additional converters, Widex successfully preserves the integrity of input sounds, allowing for the cleanest, most accurate listening experience in every situation.”


True Input Technology enables Widex BEYONDTM and Widex UNIQUETM to capture the most soundscape of an environment. The reproduced sound is transparent, without any input handling artifacts or distortions, said Widex; high-level inputs are reportedly delivered artifact-free for a richer, fuller sound.

See how Widex True Input Technology works compared to other hearing aid technology in this YouTube video.

For more information, call 800-221-0188 or visit the Widex website here.

Source: Widex