Troy, Mich — Sonic Alert is now offering the Geemarc Ampli100VM telephone, featuring amplification and a new voice modulation feature.

Often, those with hearing loss tend to increase the volume of their own voice. With Geemarc’s voice modulation, users can now see the loudness of their outgoing voice as they speak, helping them to adjust their speech to an appropriate level.

In addition to the voice level meter, the telephone has numerous adjustable sound related features, including volume control (up to 40 dB), receiving tone control (+/- 10 dB), speech volume control (o/+4 dB), and ringer level.

The Ampli100VM also has traditional modern phone features, such as last number redial, storage for 13 frequently used telephone numbers, and large numbers to assist in dialing.

The Ampli100VM is available from Sonic Alert, the exclusive North American distributor for Geemarc products, including Geemarc’s amplified telephones, neck loops, and listening devices.

SOURCE: Sonic Alert