In December, hearing care practitioners around the world received the release of the WIDEX BEYOND made-for-iPhone hearing aid, which reportedly enables hearing aid wearers to enjoy its clean sound and connectivity. Now, the company announces that BEYOND offers even more choices, with an app available both for Android and iPhone.

BEYOND offers both 2.4 GHz direct connectivity and leading-edge sound. In a recent study published in Canadian Audiologist, participants found Widex hearing aids better than their previous brands. Another study published in the Hearing Review demonstrated that BEYOND was superior to competitive products in streaming sound quality. With a customizable app that features full streaming functionality and control over their listening environment, BEYOND keeps hearing aid wearers seamlessly connected anywhere, anytime.

“The instrument is just going to be so flexible in adapting to the environments that they’re in that things are going to be seamless,” says Roger McGargill, an audiologist in Illinois.

James Martin, director of West Professional Education, who has worked for Widex for 20 years, says that BEYOND isn’t just about connectivity; it’s also about sound quality. “It is uncompromised. Bar none. We will never introduce a technology or feature that will sacrifice sound quality,” he said.

Widex USA continues to introduce BEYOND, and one-on-one trainings are also offered by Widex Regional Sales Managers. For details, visit:

Source: Widex