MedRx Inc, an audiometric equipment company, announced the launch of a new USB video otoscope. The MedRx Video Otoscope integrates into software to provide “high-quality images that save inside of your Noah database,” according to the company.

The MedRx Video Otoscope has been designed for single-handed use. The new design includes an image capture button integrated into the body of the otoscope. MedRx also knows that video otoscopes are used in cerumen management. The narrow body design allows for handheld curettes to navigate around the otoscope. This new design uses plug-and-play USB technology making the video otoscope “easy to install and use.” MedRx reports that the size of the video otoscope “helps make this a great fit for traveling between clinics or in any office.”

MedRx’s otoscope software has many features that allow users to record videos, take images, print custom reports, and integrate with several office management systems. The software can display live video feeds to show patients their eardrum.

When combined with the MedRx software and teleconferencing tools, providers can view/display eardrum images while maintaining webcam interactions. 

To find out more about MedRx products, you can visit or call 888-392-1234.

Source: MedRx

Images: MedRx