MDHearingAid has introduced AIR, an affordable class 1 FDA-approved mini-BTE hearing aid with a telecoil that is smartphone compatible.

Developed by MDHearingAid founder Sreekant Cherukuri, MD, a board certified ear, nose, and throat physician, the AIR is an affordably priced open-fit mini BTE with advanced digital features, such as digital signal processing and noise reduction technology.

Designed for mild, moderate, or moderately severe hearing loss, the Air can be fit for either the right or left ear and provides up to 45dB of gain. Other Air features include:

  • 12 channels
  • Wide dynamic range compression for amplifying soft sounds and dampening loud sounds
  • Feedback cancellation
  • Advanced noise reduction
  • Three programs
  • Volume dial
  • Telecoil mode for use with compatible telephones and looped environments
MDHearingAid AIR_Black_opt MDHearing AIr_ear_opt


“Our new AIR model offers hearing impaired individuals an effective, aesthetically attractive solution to the kind of hearing loss experienced by 80% of those with the condition, while keeping costs low,” said  Cherukuri.

According to the company, the MDHearingAid AIR is the most affordable digital hearing aid on the market that features telecoil technology. Its t-coil functions as a wireless antenna that links into sound systems found in the iPhone and other smartphones, as well as certain land line telephones.

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SOURCE: MDHearingAid