Phonak Roger Roger That
Phonak has introduced Roger, a new digital standard designed to bridge the understanding gap in noise and over distance by wirelessly transmitting the speaker’s voice directly to the listener. Available for the education market beginning summer 2013, Roger is designed to surpass today’s FM and equivalent digital systems. Simple to use, it works with virtually every behind-the-ear  hearing instrument. There are no frequencies for dispensing professionals to program and manage, and teachers can quickly connect compatible devices with a single click. (800) 777-7333;
Able-Planet ps1600bte New PSAP with Four Programs
Able Planet’s Personal Sound™ amplifier (PS1600BTE) is the first behind the ear amplification device with LINX® DSP, an Environment Management™ technology. PS1600BTE has a volume control, multichannel processing, 12 bands, noise reduction, adaptive feedback manager, and four preset programs that alter the frequency response and amplification to accommodate for varying listening environments. The small size and behind the ear design make it highly invisible, and it is held secure by an over the ear sound tube that ensures a comfortable fit for extended wear.  (877) 266-1979;
MED-EL-rondo teaser Single-Unit Processor for Cochlear Implants
MED-EL Corp USA has released the world’s first single-unit processor for cochlear implants, the RONDO™.  For the first time, the control unit, battery pack, and coil are combined into one unit. With no cable and fewer parts, users benefit from enhanced durability.  RONDO is based on MED-EL’s OPUS Audio Processor platform and features the same MAESTRO System Software technologies, including Automatic Sound Management, designed to ensure optimal hearing in changing and challenging listening situations. (888) 633-3524;