Learn about the latest AX platform enhancements from Signia that can improve veterans’ overall health and well-being at JDVAC’s 2023 event

Hearing aid innovator Signia has announced it will showcase its complete portfolio of Augmented Xperience (AX) hearing aids and tinnitus solutions for veterans at JDVAC 2023 at booth #101. Together, these solutions are designed to improve the quality of life for veterans and active military through fully-immersive and intelligent hearing experiences.

JDVAC, the Joint Defense Veterans Audiology Conference, is produced annually by the Association of VA Audiologists (AVAA) and the Military Audiology Association (MAA) and is taking place in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel this year from March 6-8, 2023. 

“We’re thrilled to connect in-person with our VA and DoD partners at JDVAC 2023 to showcase how our world’s first technologies are poised to enhance the lives of veterans across the country,” said Jennifer Wright, AuD, Vice President of Marketing. “Over one million veterans experience hearing loss as a result of their contributions to secure our freedom, and we’re committed to giving back by delivering innovative solutions, unparalleled support and service excellence to VA audiologists and the veterans they serve.”

At JDVAC 2023, Signia will highlight its AX hearing aid portfolio offered to veterans through the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and to active military through the Department of Defense (DoD). 

Specific products include Signia’s Styletto AX, Insio Charge&Go AX, Pure Charge&Go T AX and Pure 312 AX hearing aids一all of which benefit from two new platform updates including My WellBeing, which actively tracks veterans’ key health & wellness metrics to improve overall well-being, and CallControl, which allows veterans to operate the Signia HandsFree feature with their iPhones or iPads via Bluetooth. Every hearing aid on the AX platform can also be programmed to take advantage of Signia’s Notch Therapy and Brownian noise options for treating tinnitus, a common affliction among veterans. 

JDVAC 2023 attendees can attend one of Signia’s educational sessions throughout the show. Brian Taylor, AuD and Senior Director of Audiology at Signia, will host “Communicating in Noisy Social Situations: The Clinical Value of Divergent Signal Processing Strategies to Improve Individual Patient Benefit,” and Signia will host expert-led booth sessions to provide in-depth overviews of its AX portfolio and how its split-processing technology uses two processors to help patients hear better in noise. 

“Veterans deserve hearing aids that go beyond better hearing to empower them to stay healthy in mind and body,” said John Murray, Signia’s Vice President of Government Services. “At JDVAC 2023, we look forward to demonstrating to VA and DoD audiologists how our latest AX platform enhancements enable veterans to not only hear brilliantly, but to enhance their lifestyles through improved health and well-being.”

For more information on Signia’s VA market hearing aid solutions, click here.

Source: Signia

Images: Signia