Beltone recently announced the introduction of micro-Invisa™, a new virtually invisible hearing instrument and the smallest custom product ever manufactured by Beltone.

Each micro-Invisa is created using laser-scanning technology, resulting in a 3-D rendering that shows the exact shape of the ear canal. The result is an ultra-small hearing aid that delivers optimal sound quality in a perfect fit.

Beltone micro-Invisa features include the Smart Gain Pro/Sound Cleaner Pro noise reduction system that adjusts amplification according to the wearer’s surroundings, making the micro-Invisa able to simulate natural hearing.

Beltone’s Feedback Eraser offers five different settings that automatically adjust amplification to prevent unwanted feedback caused when an object comes near the hearing aids.

Additionally, micro-Invisa is protected by HPF80NanoBlock, a nanocoating that protects the hearing instrument from dirt, moisture, changes in temperature and humidity, earwax, and skin oils.

SOURCE: Beltone