Sonic's Cheer hearing aidsSonic has introduced Cheer, a new line of hearing aids designed to enable more people to take advantage of advanced technology, design, and connectivity.

According to Sonic, Cheer offers three technology levels plus new power instruments to accommodate a broad range of hearing loss needs and preferences. Cheer hearing aids have several features that add to improved sound performance built on Sonic’s Speech Variable Processing platform. Many Cheer models include wireless connectivity as a standard feature.

Sonic reports that Cheer has four BTE styles with contemporary designs that come in six colors and offer wireless connectivity. BTE styles include the miniRITE and Nano BTE for mild-to-moderate hearing losses, and the new Power BTE and Compact Power Plus BTE for severe-to-profound losses. Cheer60 and Cheer40 models connect to the full spectrum of optional wireless accessories, linking to Bluetooth devices including mobile phones, music players, and PCs. Cheer20 models have wireless Remote Control and a FittingLINK connection.

Cheer comes in a wide range of custom styles, including discreet IICs and power ITE models, with wireless connectivity available in many of the custom styles.

The company’s Cheer products are designed for individualized hearing aid fittings with amplification strategies that help make everyday sounds better. Sonic’s Speech Variable Processing with Phoneme Focus is intended to rapidly adjust gain to promote maximum audibility of all the details of speech. New to the Cheer lineup is Envelope Focus, a slower wide dynamic range compression, designed for certain populations, considering age, high frequency hearing thresholds, and air-bone gap information.

Cheer employs a variety of noise-reducing strategies that work to identify and reduce unwanted sounds in challenging listening situations, according to Sonic. Speech Priority Noise Reduction gives priority to speech by reducing offending noise. In addition, Adaptive Directionality helps users to focus on the person speaking in front of them in environments where other sounds compete for attention. The Adaptive Feedback Canceller proactively monitors and removes offending feedback signals so users can enjoy squeal-free, easy listening.

Source: Sonic