As reported by Hearing Review in March, Lexie Lumen hearing aids will be available directly for sale in hundreds of Walgreens stores in Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

Lexie Hearing® is a subscription service designed to provide consumers with hearing aids, accessories, and access to hearing experts for a monthly fee. The recent announcement builds on Lexie Lumen hearing aids being available for purchase from Lexie Hearing® and accessed through and Walgreens Find Care®. Customers have the option of either purchasing the hearing aids from Lexie Hearing online with a one-time payment of $799 or 24 monthly payments of only $39.

Once purchased, Lexie Hearing offers customers a complete hearing solution featuring a hearing test, hearing aids programmed to their unique hearing profile, and access to hearing experts through video or voice calls. With smart technology and remote care, Lexie Lumen hearing aids deliver the quality and features expected from premium hearing aids, at a greatly reduced cost.

An article in rates the Lexie Lumen as one of the better online DIY amplification options available.

“Lexie Hearing is proud to expand our strategic relationship with Walgreens to include the availability of hearing aids for in-store purchase,” said Lexie Hearing Co-founder and CEO Nic Klopper. “Many more Americans now have easy access to a hearing care solution that is affordable while offering a quality hearing experience. The collaboration with Walgreens brings us significantly closer to achieving our mission to ensure that people can enjoy healthy hearing without paying thousands of dollars.”

Lexie Lumen Hearing Aid
Lexie Lumen hearing aid

“We look forward to making hearing care more accessible to our customers,” said Walgreens Divisional VP Robert Tompkins. “This collaboration with Lexie Hearing helps us meet the needs of our customers, giving them an affordable solution to address their hearing difficulties.”

Lexie Lumen hearing aids were developed by HearX, which originally was a start-up company founded at the University of Pretoria in 2015 by professor De Wet Swanepoel and Dr Herman Myburgh. The company aims to be disrupter in the traditional hearing healthcare space by offering hearing care to people that might not ordinarily have access. In 2018, the company worked with the nonprofit Hear the World Foundation to provide hearing screenings to low-income South African townships by utilizing its hearScreen app. The app allows for testing without the use of specialized equipment or an audiological specialist, thereby cutting costs and barriers to seeking care. HearX recently received an $8.3 million Series A funding round from Bose Ventures, HAVAÍC, Futuregrowth Asset Management, and Sphere Holdings, as part of its goal toward future expansion.

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