Westone Laboratories Inc has released Cotton PROS, a new line of cotton pressure relief oto-dams, Westone Cotton Prosutilizing Westone’s proprietary technology.

Cotton PROS® (Pressure Relief Oto-Dam System) are manufactured with a ventilation tube that relieves the air pressure that can build up in the ear canal while impression materials are expressed into the ear, or when the cured impression is removed.

“Our new Cotton PROS give the clinician a versatile tool for deep impressions or challenging fittings when a softer cotton oto-dam is preferred. The pressure relief system offers the patient increased comfort during the impression process,” explains Westone director of hearing heathcare, Christine Maré, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA.

Cotton PROS come in a 24-count pack, and are offered in both 9mm and 11mm sizes.

SOURCE: Westone Laboratories