Phonak nano,the company’s custom designed Micro-In-Canal (MiC) hearing aid, is now available in three performance levels. The new Cassia nano in the standard performance level is designed for value consumers who want state-of-the-art design and the latest technology.

Phonak nano provides Spice+ signal processing in the company’s smallest ever custom shell. Like all performance levels, Cassia nano requires no special ear impression techniques and delivers a virtually invisible custom-made solution.

Computer-aided 3-D design and modeling minimizes contact with the patient’s ear canal near the sound outlet and ensures a comfortable fit. Nano also features a new faceplate and a specially designed battery door that allows for individually optimized microphone and vent placement, resulting in a device that sits deeper in the ear canal and typically offers the wearer a great first fitting experience.

Cassia’s fitting range covers mild to moderately severe hearing loss. Phonak nano is also available within the premium Phonak Ambra and the advanced Phonak Solana configurations. 

SOURCE: Phonak