The Comfort Contego HD courtroom listening system from Swedish-based Comfort Audio, Park Ridge, Ill,  helps keep what is said in the courtroom behind closed doors and improves conditions for the ADA-dependent hearing-impaired public, jurors, defendants, lawyers, court reporters, and interpreters.

The secure, wireless digital system sends coded radio transmission digitally over secure channels, providing encryption, portability, versatility, and HD quality sound without the need for installation.

The issues of access and security are often challenged by ethics and policy. "As an individual who not only works with individuals with hearing loss, but is one myself, the courtroom is a very intimidating place when you cannot access communication," says Shannon Elizabeth Smith, director of hard of hearing services for the State of New Mexico Commission for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Persons. "The Comfort Contego offers not only high sound quality and multiple alternatives to work with different hearing aids and hearing losses, but the confidentiality we require. "

The company has developed proprietary noise-filtering processes to deliver clear, enhanced sound. Hearing-aid users with a T-coil or a personal headset can access the same audio feed to expand its accessibility.