InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc (OTCQB:INND), a manufacturer and direct-to-consumer (“DTC”) distributor of hearing aids and Personal Sound Amplifier Products, (“PSAPs”) announced it is now offering its DTC FDA-registered hearing aids and its PSAPs (“Hearing Products”) on and eCommerce marketplaces.

All of InnerScope’s eCommerce DTC hearing aids are said to be professionally adjusted and personalized to each individual’s hearing and lifestyle profile through its exclusive “Tele-audiology Customer Service Program” (“Tele-audiology”). Tele-audiology, a subset of tele-health, refers to audiological services preformed via telephone and/or computer.

With the upcoming launch of InnerScope’s hearing products on, and combined with its and wholesale vendor agreement, are intended to create “greater brand awareness” that will help result in higher customer adoption and an overall increase in the total global hearing aid market penetration for InnerScope, according to the company. Additionally, with its own eCommerce DTC hearing aid online stores on, and, InnerScope can target market different consumer demographics effectively as well as rapidly make any changes to its hearing product portfolio by adding or test marketing new products and/or reacting to any market changes.

“We are pleased to offer InnerScope’s Hearing Products on and,” said Matthew Moore, CEO of InnerScope Hearing Technologies. “By adding and we will not only increase sales but also will add visibility to InnerScope’s brand. We know the over 500 million shoppers in over 50 countries we reach through and will now be able to purchase InnerScope’s affordable, high-quality hearing aids. InnerScope is continuing to forge new vendor distribution agreements, with major retailers and distributors.”

Source: InnerScope