D8_Power_Silver HANSATON USA, Minneapolis, Minn, has introduced its newest behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing instruments, offering its new XearA technology. The Classic hearing system model is available in multiple technology levels and includes a wide range of functions. An intuitive rocker switch offers easy to use on-board control. Classic is for mild to moderately severe hearing loss. The Power hearing system unit is more suited for those suffering from severe hearing impairment.

BTEs provide substantially improved communication for users including enhanced speech intelligibility, superior environment adaptability, and the elimination of disruptive noise. HANSATON says its XearA Classic and Power BTE’s combine several advancements including:

  • The Sound Restore frequency compression algorithm, which enhances speech intelligibility by remapping high-frequency acoustic information into an audible range for severe-to-profound high-frequency losses.
  • The Situation Optimizer, which is responsible for an all-around satisfactory hearing experience in every situation. Combining accurate input categorization with fast, reliable adaptive changes, it eliminates the need to change programs or volume.
  • The Feedback X eliminates feedback without artifacts.
  • Bi-Com Wireless offers Bluetooth connectivity to multiple sound sources, such as: mobile phone, TV, radio or other audio sources
  • New Speech Connect microphone with miniMedia Transmitter
  • DAI compatibility

“I am impressed by the digital and mechanical advancements in HANSATON’s, XearA technology,” says Robert Eastman, president of HANSATON USA. “The device has remarkable signal processing capability, which restores a level of speech clarity that many people feel they’ve lost forever. Whether you’re having a quiet conversation, driving or visiting in a noisy restaurant, the whole family of XearA products provide a hassle-free, pleasurable hearing experience.”