Starkey announced that its Livio AI was named the winner of a Silver Stevie Award in the Health & Pharmaceuticals Product category in the 18th Annual American Business Awards. 

During the evaluation process, judges noted, “The list of features of Livio AI is astounding. Starkey is taking great steps towards more inclusive living for hearing impaired individuals.”

Said to be “a gateway to understanding a patient’s overall well-being,” the ear is increasingly being recognized as a highly effective place to measure key health indicators. Taking advantage of this knowledge, Starkey launched Livio AI. It is the world’s “first and only hearing aid to utilize artificial intelligence and integrated sensors to provide superior sound quality and the ability to track both body and brain health,” according to the company.

“Allowing people to more proactively control their health was a crucial addition to our devices,” said Starkey President Brandon Sawalich. “Mounting evidence shows treatment of hearing loss with hearing aids can help prevent serious health issues such as cardiovascular disease and dementia. We are proud to be paving the way forward in hearing health technology, and we are humbled by this recognition.”  

In 2019, Starkey added a variety of new features including fall detection, voice-to-text transcription, and direct streaming. Details about The American Business Awards and the list of 2020 Stevie Award winners are available at:   

Source: Starkey