Monterey, Calif — Beltone held its 2008 annual meeting at the Monterey Conference Center in Monterey, Calif, from May 29 -31.  Themed “Live, Laugh, Learn.” the event was reportedly attended by more than 700 members of the United States and Canadian Beltone network as well as international guests representing more than 20 countries.

Todd Murray, President, Beltone North America, congratulated all of the company’s network members for their remarkable achievements.  Performance awards were presented to top practitioners from its offices throughout the United States, Canada, and internationally.    Beltone presented its most prestigious President’s Cup award, to Dan and Jean Fletcher of Southgate, Mich, for their exceptional patient care, community involvement and professional business practices.

The highlight of this year’s meeting was the introduction of Beltone Reach, the world’s first digital instrument with Automatic Smart Beam Steering.  The new Smart Beam Steering automatically adjusts the width of the directional beam based on the location of the noise source.  Reach also offers new Monitored Directionality, which helps patients hear sounds that they want to focus on and monitor sounds from other directions. 

In addition, the new automatic Smart Beam Steering works with the Speech Spotter, which automatically initiates the directionality when speech signals are challenged by noise sources competing for attention.  In this way, the instrument automatically zooms in to focus on speech and switches back to omni-directional mode when directionality is no longer needed.  The result for the user is a truly hands-free experience. 

Beltone Reach is a versatile series of small, high performing hearing instruments on the market.  It is available in both standard and high-power configurations with various choices to make fitting options extremely flexible.  Users can choose from Receiver-in-Ear (RIE), Behind-the-Ear (BTE) or In-the-Ear (ITE).  Color choices enable further personalization, allowing users to match hair color or shape.

Source: Beltone Electronics

About Beltone Electronics
Founded in 1940, Chicago-based Beltone Electronics is part of the GN Hearing Care Group, utilizing advanced technology to produce hearing instruments sold in the United States, Canada and more than 40 countries worldwide.