A March 5, 2015 report from Bloomberg News online examines how recent advances in circuitry and Bluetooth technology have led to increased availability of cost-effective and powerful alternatives to hearing aids. From iPhone-linked earpieces from Sound World Solutions that amplify phone calls and streamed music to directional microphones that allow the user to focus on voices of select speakers, the market for personal sound amplification products (PSAPs) appears to offer a variety of options for people seeking audio enhancement beyond traditional hearing aids.

The Bloomberg article covers the audio technology experiences of composer Richard Einhorn, who also wrote a July 30, 2014 article for The Hearing Review that covered the benefits of using professional audio techniques and technologies for music practice.

Writer David Gauvey Herbert is careful to point out in his Bloomberg article that many of the Bluetooth-connected earpieces he describes are classified as PSAPs by the FDA, and not as hearing aids. One PSAP-classified product mentioned in Herbert’s article was “The Bean” from Etymotic Research, which the Hearing Review covered in a January 16, 2015 article.

For more details on the audio technologies and products discussed, read the full Bloomberg report.

Source: Bloomberg Business, Bloomberg News

Photo credit: © John Alphonse | Dreamstime.com