Connect Hearing, a Chicago-based network of hearing care centers, has expanded its portfolio to include two groundbreaking hearing instruments from Swiss manufacturer Phonak, Stäfa, Switzerland, Connect Hearing announced.  The Bolero™ B and the Virto™ B-Titanium hearing aids bring exciting new technologies to the extensive offering of high-quality hearing devices and accessories currently available to clients at Connect Hearing’s nationwide hearing centers.

Bolero B is a behind-the-ear (BTE) style hearing aid with a rechargeable option, the Bolero B-PR. The Bolero B-PR is Phonak’s first rechargeable standard BTE and features a lithium-ion battery capable of providing 24 hours of life on a single charge, including 80 minutes of wireless streaming.

Virto B-Titanium marks the smallest ever custom hearing aid produced by Phonak. The custom device replaces acrylic materials of the past with medical grade titanium to produce a 50% thinner, yet durable, shell. Worn inside the ear canal, the tiny Virto B-Titanium is extremely discreet, making it especially attractive to first-time hearing aid wearers.

Both options are part of Phonak’s new Belong platform and feature the latest version of AutoSense OS™. AutoSense OS provides a seamless, automatic listening experience by continuously analyzing the listener’s environment and blending multiple features to precisely match that environment without any manual adjustment by the wearer.

“These two new hearing instruments allow Connect Hearing to offer its clients the most exciting and effective hearing technology in the market today,” said VP of Marketing, Patrick Schuerer. “Both longtime and new hearing aid wearers will be impressed by how easy these devices are to wear and how natural they sound.”

Connect Hearing’s nationwide locations offer complimentary hearing consultations to determine if the hearing aids are appropriate for their needs and will provide free take-home trials of the Bolero B-PR as part of its unique “2-Week Free Trial” program. The program allows clients to try hearing aids at home free for 14 days with no obligation and no money down. To find a Connect Hearing location near you and schedule a consultation, please visit or call 1-888426-6632.

Source: Connect Hearing