A sneak peek at the new products and services being featured at SPLASH: The Academy
of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) 2009 Convention scheduled on October 29 to 31
in Clearwater Beach, Fla.

The following descriptions were supplied by the respective companies and are furnished as
a preview of convention exhibits. For more information about the ADA Convention and its
schedule of events, visit www.audiologist.org/events.html or call (866) 493-5544.

American Hearing Aid Associates (AHAA)

AHAA offers its nationwide network of independent hearing aid professionals a virtual franchise without loss of autonomy. AHAA services include customized business resources and materials. AHAA’s Expansion Network (AEN) helps expand practices, and services include owner/staff training and acquisition guidance/funding support. AHAA’s Web site, AHAANavigator.com, gives network members 16 links to AHAA tools an owner needs to develop, focus, and drive measurable objectives in growing a practice. Visit booth number 301 to learn more.

(800) 984-3272

Audiology Foundation of America

Since 1989, the Audiology Foundation of America (AFA) has led audiology’s transformation to a doctoring health care profession and has promoted the AuD degree. Our “Launching Professionals into Practice” theme now allows us to focus on empowering audiologists to be independent and autonomous practitioners by supporting their educational preparation, professional practice, and leadership development. Come see us at ADA booth number 116, and make sure to attend our annual auction on Friday night!

(765) 743-6283


AudiologyOnline’s Web site development program can design a custom Web site for your practice that is optimized to convert Web site visitors into clinic appointments. Our complete range of Internet marketing services include flash animation, virtual online seminars, custom video production, search-engine optimization, shopping cart systems, Web analytics, e-mail, and more. This is all backed by our in-house customer support team. Visit us at booth number 412 for a free Web site development consultation to get started.

(800) 753-2160


Audioscan helps hearing care professionals provide the best fit for their patients by utilizing the best science available. Visit us at booth number 217 to test drive a Verifit loaded with the latest free software, featuring new Speechmap tools for fitting frequency-lowering instruments!

(800) 265-2093


AudioSync will be featuring NOW with SelecTouch, the first-ever touchscreen technology for use in hearing aids. This simple, yet elegant, user interface will revolutionize the way that users make adjustments to hearing aid program and volume control settings. By eliminating the need for traditional switches and volume controls, AudioSync has created a user interface that provides greater durability, water resistance, and longevity than conventional hearing aids. Stop by AudioSync’s booth number 508 to see SelecTouch and the complete line of BTE and custom product offerings to exceed every patient need!

(877) 278-8482

Bellevue University

Grow Your Practice Profitably! Bellevue University, the leader in adult learning, offers the nation’s first Certificate of Completion for audiology assistant/hearing aid specialists. With certified audiology assistant/hearing aid specialists on staff, you can see more patients and perform more tests. The Certificate prepares students for licensure and allows them to earn 24 college credits. Best yet, it’s offered 100% online! Stop by booth number 315 and ask about discounts for sponsorship of 10 or more students.

(800) 756-7920

Beltone Electronics

Belong to an exclusive network, receiving unparalleled practice management support from a committed corporate staff and its strong national dispensing network that does not compete with other Beltone providers. Beltone provides best practice sharing among its network, practice management software systems, national advertising, turn-key direct mail programs, training, and exclusive patient care programs. To learn more about the Beltone difference, available opportunities, and Beltone’s product line, stop by booth number 216.

(800) 621-1275

Comfort Audio

Comfort Audio’s unique Comfort Contego can be seen and tested at the ADA Convention in Clearwater Beach, Fla. The Comfort Contego FM System is the world’s first hearing system using wireless digital streaming technology that is especially developed for people with hearing loss. The Comfort Contego FM System is used worldwide for private use, at work, at schools, and at different institutions. Visit the Comfort Audio booth number 500 to learn more.

(847) 656-5450


What’s Your EarQ? Members say that their EarQ is … professional, effective marketing, audiology support, and comprehensive business services including retirement planning and business development funds. EarQ Group has the knowledge and resources to assist with your practice’s growth. Stop by booth number 311 to learn more.

(866) 432-7500
MyEarQ.com—Login: GrowMyPractice, Password: Today

Ear Technology Corporation

The revolutionary Clik openfit BTE brings you instant fit capability without cables or computers—and without having to learn any new and complicated software. Meanwhile, the TransEar 380-HF for single-sided deafness is turning heads with its natural sound and phenomenal speech scores. Dry & Store is how we started this record of innovation, and innovation with a purpose remains our hallmark. We’re Ear Technology. Helping people hear better, every day. For more information, visit booth number 112.

(800) 327-8547


From 1-2-3 EZ Pay to online enrollment, ESCO makes it simple and affordable for all of your patients to have the peace of mind ESCO loss and damage insurance provides. Stop by booth number 321 and ask how ESCO’s Reminder Care program can help you build patient loyalty and referrals.

(800) 992-3726

Hal-Hen Company Inc

Visit booth number 506 for a demonstration of the new EarView, Versatile Video Otoscopy System. EarView combines cerumen management, examination, and documentation of the ear canal, and accurate otoblock placement in one lightweight portable package. In addition, we offer more than 4,000-plus items for hearing care, such as assistive devices, FM systems, Bluetooth/loop systems, impression materials, batteries, diagnostic equipment, Earlites, earmold supplies, tools, cerumen management, our profitable accessory products, and much more.

(800) 242-5436
www.halhenpro.com or www.halhen.com

Maico Diagnostics

Maico Diagnostics offers affordable testing for the middle ear. Visit booth number 409 at the ADA expo for a handson demonstration of our MI 34, MI 44, and EroScan Pro, the world’s only OAE/tymp combination device.

(888) 941-4201

MedRx Inc

MedRx will take the plunge, causing a sensational splash with an array of progressive products. All ADA attendees are invited to MedRx booth number 309 to view the superb quality and innovative concepts that will exceed their expectations. As practitioners participate in hands-on demonstrations, they will recognize the value of the MedRx product line to their hearing care practice and what a huge return they can realize on a small and wise investment.

(888) 392-1234


ProEar by MiraCell is a sophisticated blend of highly concentrated natural plant extracts developed to benefit ears. A clinical study of 960 patients by Max S. Chartrand, PhD, BC-HIS, found ProEar stops itching ears, softens ear wax, helps soothe irritations and sores, and softens stress cracks, calcified tissue, and adhesive otitis. Visit MiraCell at ADA booth number 312 to learn more.

(800) 748-5040

GN Otometrics

Otometrics is the world’s leading manufacturer of hearing and balance assessment instrumentation and software. Our extensive product portfolio ranges from infant screening applications and audiologic diagnostics, to balance testing and hearing instrument fitting. Visit us at ADA booth number 317 for a demonstration of our acknowledged and truly integrated hearing assessment and fitting systems—including the new Madsen Astera audiometer, the comprehensive Madsen Otoflex 100 Immittance device, and the Aurical Visible Speech.

(800) 289-2150


The exciting world of contemporary electronics now connects through Oticon, redefining what patients can expect from their hearing solutions. To people with hearing loss, connectivity is not a luxury, it is a basic need. By transforming a pair of Oticon hearing instruments into a wireless Bluetooth headset, ConnectLine brings TV, cell phones, landline phones, computers, and more into patients’ everyday lives. Simple yet elegant, advanced yet affordable, ConnectLine motivates patients to purchase new instruments to enjoy the benefits. Let us show you how a 5-minute demo can be pivotal in your counseling repertoire.

(800) 526-3921

Otovation LLC

Otovation develops audiometers that are benchmarks for truly portable and affordable computer-based hearing testing. Our Symphony software platform and the patented, wireless OTOPod diagnostic audiometer and upcoming OTOSphere clinical audiometer line of instruments offer the very best tools that provide accurate and efficient testing. Look to Otovation for labor-saving features such as customized automated test protocols and word lists, automatic contralateral masking, multiple headset choices, NOAH3 certification, and compact size. Visit booth number 223 for more information.



A Phonak is for Everyone. Phonak is the trusted innovation leader, offering easy and intuitive solutions. We strongly believe that the benefits of our advanced technology should be available to everyone. That’s why we have a CORE-based Phonak product for every degree of hearing loss, every budget, and every lifestyle. Our CORE Collection, including our latest products—Exelia Art, Naida IX, Nios Micro, and Audeo Yes, as well as a range of new phone and TV solutions, micro Petite, FM transmitters, and SlimTop Soft—represent the most sophisticated audio-processing platform in the industry. Visit booth number 307/406 to learn more.

(800) 777-7333


Prescott’s Inc manufactures a video otomicroscope designed with the audiologist in mind. We provide service on all major brands of audiology equipment. Prescott’s also buys and sells used audiology equipment. Stop by our booth number 408 to check out the microscope with video.

(800) 438-3937


Rayovac ProLine Advanced Mercury Free—the world’s longest-lasting mercury free hearing aid battery! Rayovac’s latest advancement in zinc air technology provides you and your patients with a green alternative, while maintaining the performance of Rayovac’s standard zinc air cell. Independent testing proves that ProLine Advanced Mercury Free lasts up to 30% longer than competitive products, meaning more days of battery life for your patients. Visit us at ADA booth number 111, or call us to learn more.

(800) 356-7422


Six new products, one breakthrough sound. Surround Sound by ReSound is revolutionary technology that delivers amazingly rich and detailed sound quality. This surround sound processor treats bass and treble separately, and applies additional proven technology from ReSound, to ultimately handle sound as the natural ear is designed to do. Your patients experience sounds the way they were meant to be heard. Stop by the ReSound booth 319/418 to learn about six new products with one breakthrough sound.

(800) 248-4327


Rexton offers optimized hearing instrument technology, superior value, and a small-company touch. For more than 50 years, Rexton has built relationships with hearing care professionals to help make better hearing more accessible for every patient. This fall, we’ll offer even more choices in our already popular Cobalt, Bridge, and Insite product families. Visit booth number 410 for more information and experience the Rexton difference.

(800) 876-1141

Right Hear Network

Membership in the Right Hear Network is open to licensed hearing professionals. Network members receive business solutions and marketing support to build wealth and enhance practice value. Members have exclusive access to WOW! Invisible Hearing, a 100% invisible extended-wear hearing device that is inserted into the ear canal. For more information, visit our booth number 117.

(888) 784-3271

Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc

Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc is a leading manufacturer of innovative hearing instruments. At Siemens, our goal is to help restore the beauty of sound for all people living with hearing loss. We are proud to introduce two exciting hearing solutions: Nitro, a family of powerful instruments, perfect for people with severe hearing loss, and Explorer, the only solution designed just for children. Why miss a decibel of life? For more information, visit booth numbers 419 and 518.

(800) 766-4500

Sonic Innovations

Sonic Innovations will be in booth number 200/201 at ADA, showcasing Sonic Touch, the smallest RIC product available. Sonic Touch is tiny in size, but generous in features, with unmatched digital sound processing, automatic noise reduction, and incredibly simple program control. Offered at three technology levels, Sonic Touch has a choice of five base colors and 15 accent color clips, for 75 stylish combinations. Sonic Touch also has the best moisture resistance of any existing RIC product.

(888) 423-7834

TIMS Software

TIMS Software offers audiologists and dispensers the number-one solution to fully integrate your office software and streamline business practices from a patient’s first call to the final payment. Visit the TIMS Software booth number 113 for exclusive hands-on demos and to discuss your unique business issues with experts in managing a hearing clinic, including scheduling for one or multiple offices, marketing and up-selling, hearing aid inventory, and patient letters and follow-up.

(800) 763-0308


Passport empowers clients with the confidence to transition between challenging listening environments and to fully engage in their world. Passport delivers an impressive mix of breakthrough innovations, wireless connectivity, and smartFocus, pioneering technology that provides a new level of client control over listening preferences. Shift, an ultra-small BTE, delivers style that is smart—and beautiful form with function. This nonwireless 10A CRT will be launched with the complete feature set of Passport. The Next series is comprised of four outstanding product lines: Next 16, Next 8, Next 4, and Next E, each with a unique set of purpose-driven features. Next is developed on the world’s most advanced digital sound processing platform. Visit booth number 316-318 for more information.

(800) 888-8882

Westone Laboratories Inc

For 50 years, Westone has been supplying the industry with the highest-quality earpieces, and it also offers one of the most extensive product and supply inventories for the hearing care provider. At ADA, stop by booth number 218 to learn more about our custom earpiece solutions for open-fit instruments, accessing the musician and audiophile markets, and marketing HPDs. Westone—dedicated to your success.

(800) 525-5071


Widex offers their premier Mind series in both 440 and 330 hearing aids. The Mind330 offers patients Dual Integrated Signal Processing, as well as a High Definition Locator, Noise Reduction, Multi-Directional Active Feedback Cancelling, Audibility Extender, Clear Band, SmartSpeak, and EcoTech II technology for low current drain and longer battery life. Mind330 models range from CICs to power directional BTEs (including open fit and micro-sized models as well). Visit booth number 407 for more information.

(800) 221-0188

Wireless Hearing Solutions by inLOOP

Since offering home loops to our patients, we have grown dramatically. Stop by booth number 417 and ask us how your practice can share in this growth. We offer the highest quality hearing loop equipment. We have systems for your office, home, large applications such as houses of worship and theaters, even portable loop solutions. We have specially priced ADA conference starter packages available to get your office going.

(888) 224-4988