Beltone, Chicago, has announced that HPF80™ Nano protective coating technology will be available on its entire product line.

Many hearing aid users unknowingly expose their hearing aids to environments with dust, salt, moisture, and extreme temperatures. Beltone’s HPF80™ NanoBlock Technology is designed to safeguard the entire instrument with an invisible, highly durable protective coating that completely seals every part of the instrument, protecting it from moisture and dirt. While other manufacturers use coating only on the outside of the instrument, Beltone coats all inside components of its hearing aids as well, says the company.

“We are pleased to be able to offer this technology on our complete product line,” said John Cariola, AuD, director of product management in a news release. “This will ensure that elements that can, over time, damage a hearing instrument’s circuitry [are kept out] and delicate components are totally protected. This will allow hearing aid wearers to spend less time maintaining and cleaning their hearing instruments and more time enjoying them.”  

Using the same protective technology that athletic companies use to protect their athletic gear and major electronic companies use to protect their mobile phones and MP3 players, Beltone’s HPF80™ NanoBlock Technology coats and protects Beltone hearing instruments—inside and out. The coating is molecularly bound to the entire hearing instrument at a nanoscopic level so the two become inseparable. This level of protection is so thin that it is completely invisible to the naked eye.

In addition to repelling outside elements like dust and moisture, NanoBlock technology reportedly protects against sweat and earwax, so the user can feel confident wearing their Beltone hearing aid throughout the day, even when working up a little sweat.

Source: Beltone