Created by a company called Simple Matters, based in Santa Monica, Calif, the Ditto is a small, discreet, waterproof wearable device that allows users to customize how they stay connected without constantly checking their smartphone (or having it on them).

Ditto wearable device

Ditto can be clipped on a pocket, collar or strap when you want your hands free, but don’t want to miss important calls to your smartphone.

According to Simple Matters, Ditto requires no cables and no charging, can be clipped near the skin on a shirt collar, in a jean pocket, on a strap, or on a wristband and works for everyday life on the go, or at home or work. The utility of this product for those with hearing loss is due to its vibration settings. Users who often miss calls to their smartphones because they can’t hear the phone’s ringtone, can wear the lightweight, hands-free Ditto device, which will vibrate to alert them of calls.

Ditto on wristband

The waterproof Ditto can be worn on a wristband so you don’t have to skip swimming or other activities for fear of missing calls from specified callers–vibrating alerts are customized by users.

The video about Ditto on the Simple Matters website indicates that the device can be attached to a special wristband that you wear while swimming laps or doing any other activity where you want your hands free, but don’t want to miss an important phone call.

Considered one of the best new gadgets at CES 2016, Ditto helps ease the mind of the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community by assuring individuals through custom vibrations that they won’t miss any important calls or messages. For example, if the smartphone is in your purse or backpack, but you are wearing Ditto, it will vibrate to notify you when you receive calls from specified callers.

Never Forget to Grab Your Smartphone Again

Ditto also alerts users if they are about to leave their smartphone behind, and can also serve as a morning wake-up alarm—also through custom vibrations, so you don’t wake others.

Ditto wearable device

Ditto comes in 3 styles, colors.

When the Ditto team attended the AudiologyNOW! 2016 conference, they sold out of the product—which is excellent feedback on Ditto’s usefulness among the hearing healthcare community.

Future product developments, according to Simple Matters, include potential integrations of Ditto with apps that serve the Deaf and hard-of-hearing market.

Source: Simple Matters