Ontario-based Audioscan has announced the release of new software for Verifit2 (version 4.6), Axiom (version 1.12), and Verifit VF-1/ RM500SL (version 3.14). With the latest version of software, the Verifit2 in particular has been enhanced with additional test features and capabilities to facilitate accurate and efficient verification of modern hearing instrument test systems.

Audioscan“Audioscan is focused on continuing to expand the already impressive set of tools and features of the Verifit2 to ensure it continues to be the gold standard device for fitting and verification of hearing instrument systems,” said Jim Jonkman, president of Audioscan. “With our ongoing mission to provide software updates for all our fitting systems at no charge to our customers, we also aim to ensure clinicians always have access to the best science for the best fit.”

The Audioscan Verifit2 has been 13 years in the making.

The Audioscan Verifit2

According to Audioscan, the new software release provides clinicians with additional binaural measurement capabilities (Verifit2): Directional, Noise Reduction, Multicurve and Feedback tests have all been enhanced to provide simultaneous binaural measurement capability for added verification time savings, improved verification of paired/streaming features, and quick identification of hearing instrument issues. New left-right screen swap capability is also provided for binaural tests to support user display preferences.

Also provided in the software update are new test signals for Verifit2 and Axiom: Additional input test signals have been added to the system, including new language files (Brazilian Portuguese, Cantonese), the EUHA MPO test signal, and an expanded range of loud speech inputs to provide clinicians with additional tools to assess the performance of hearing instruments relative to the patient’s dynamic range.

Other refinements reportedly include the addition of the ANSI S3.22 (2009) / IEC 60118-7 test suite (Verifit2, Axiom, Verifit VF-1, and RM500SL), and Monitor-free network setup (Axiom).

As with all Audioscan software updates, the new software is free to download at the Audioscan website. For more information, readers are encouraged to view a webinar providing an overview of the new features offered in this update, also available at the Audioscan website.

Audioscan, a Division of Etymonic Design Inc, is a manufacturer of hearing instrument fitting systems in North America. The company manufactures the Verifit®2, Axiom®, and the RM500SLTM systems used by fitting professionals throughout the world. Audioscan pioneered the Speechmap® fitting environment and the use of real speech for verification. The company’s headquarters and manufacturing are located in Dorchester, Ontario, Canada.

Source: Audioscan