The International Hearing Society will hold its 54th Annual Convention and Exposition in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, on October 19-23, 2005. The Academy of Dispensing Audiologists will hold its 29th Annual Convention in Savannah, Ga, on October 26-29, 2005. The following descriptions were supplied by the respective companies and are offered as a preview of convention exhibits

SwissEar™ is open fitting perfection. Combining Bernafon’s unique ChannelFree™ digital processing with OpenFit™ technology, SwissEar provides an unprecedented sound quality. Win™ is the new basic digital programmed through Oasis Plus, featuring adaptive noise reduction, soft noise management and three channels of frequency shaping. (888) 941-4203;

IHS Booth No. 224

Care Credit
We invite you to stop by and visit the CareCredit booth to discover one of the most effective tools for your audiology practice today. Attract more patients with the availability of No Interest financing, make hearing health care accessible to more patients, and maximize the sale of optimal technology. Offering CareCredit can help your patients get the hearing health care they need and want. (800) 300-3046;

IHS Booth No. 108
ADA Booth No. 209

Discovery Hearing Aid Warranties & Repair
Discovery Hearing Aid Warranties offers loss, damage and component failure protection on all makes and models of aids, and provides profitable compensation for dispensers. Discovery Hearing Aid Repair is a rapid response, full service all make repair lab with competitive pricing. Hansaton Hearing Systems offers a full spectrum of advanced technology digital hearing instruments in high, medium and entry levels. FUSION is Hansaton’s revolutionary, semi-modular faceplate technology. (800) 525-7936;

IHS Booth No. 606

Dry & Store
Our fish bowl test beats reality TV, hands-down. Watch as hearing aids do battle with moisture, as they are soaked in a fish bowl all day long. See and hear for yourself how, with the help of Dry & Store, the hearing aids win! Your patients win too when you dispense Dry & Store. Better quality sound, fewer repairs. Better hearing through better hearing aid care. (800) 327-8547;

ADA Booth No. 319

Electone will be showcasing Aurora™ 4, a four-channel programmable digital hearing instrument that provides remarkable performance, versatility and value. Advanced features and 12 programmable parameters make Aurora 4 an excellent choice for most hearing losses. The company offers a wide range of products, including programmable and non-programmable digital and analog circuits designed to meet a variety of hearing needs. (800) 432-7483;

IHS Booth No. 115
ADA Booth No. 418

ELI Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
Learn more about ELI (Ear-Level Instrument), the industry’s first Bluetooth®-compatible wireless connectivity solution between hearing instruments and mobile phones. ELI offers patients wireless relief from mobile phone interference and hands-free access to today’s growing assortment of Bluetooth electronics. ELI easily connects to the DAI boot on BTEs or can be worn on a neck loop for telecoil transmission. ELI is available exclusively from the Starkey family of companies. (800) 745-4327;

ADA Booth No. 415

Frye Electronics
We will have our FONIX 7000 Hearing Aid Test System, the FP35 Hearing Aid Analyzer, with its new LCD monitor option, and the FA-10 Hearing Evaluator. Both analyzers will have the new ANSI 03 test sequence, which is expected to be needed very soon. A Pendleton blanket will once again be given to a lucky winner. (800) 547-8209;

IHS Booth No. 105

GN ReSound
GN ReSound has led the industry in open fitting products to enhance the patient experience with hearing instruments. In another step forward, GN ReSound has cracked the code with Metrix™. Metrix provides unparalleled sound quality, the most advanced feedback and directional systems, and an innovative and unique datalogging system that allows you to hone in on your patients problems and solve them. GN ReSound also leads the way with multi-media tools that allow the hearing health care practitioner to dramatically expand their patient counseling opportunities. (800) 248-4327;

IHS Booth No. 122
ADA Booth No. 401

Hearing Components
Please visit us at the ADA, booth 505. Hearing Components will be releasing our totally new Comply™ Platinum Soft Tips, the instant fit soft tip. In addition, we will be showcasing the Comply Noise Reduction—1 Earphones, our first product for the hearing-in-noise market. Register to win an iPod shuffle and a set of Comply Noise Reduction—Earphones. Shuffle and earphones will be given away each exhibit day to an ADA member. (800) 872-8986;

ADA Booth No. 505

The HELPcard
We are exhibiting with our alliance partner ESCO Financial at the ADA in booths 510 and 411. We provide patient financing so that dispensers can recommend the best options for their patients and the patient can say yes without worry about financial arrangements. Our low monthly payments for consumers and low discounts to dispensers make The HELPcard a win-win in the hearing industry. (800) 945-4357;

ADA Booth No. 411, 510

Micro-Tech Hearing Instruments
Micro-Tech’s Seneca Open Ear BTE is an innovative style of hearing instrument that takes advantage of open fitting technology. This miniature BTE hearing instrument fits discreetly behind the ear, and a thin tube carries amplified sound to the ear. The Rainier XP is an extremely powerful digital directional BTE with multi-channel digital signal processing, feedback management, and a versatile compression architecture. Available in a new case with a range of color choices, the Rainier offers your patients extreme power in an attractive package. (800) 745-4327;

IHS Booth No. 205-418
ADA Booth No. 415

Oticon Inc
Artificial Intelligence started it all! Syncro 2 delivers innovative features, including activity analyzer, automatic adaption manager, and adds the new Syncro 2 Power BTE. Easy to fit and easy to market, Oticon Tego brings Artificial Intelligence to mid-priced hearing care. The smallest and most advanced digital super power hearing aid, Sumo DM, eliminates feedback and controls noise for people with severe to profound hearing loss. (800) 526-3921;

IHS Booth No. 405
ADA Booth No. 509

Phonak Hearing Systems
Catch the “Buzz” about Phonak at IHS booth 415 and ADA booth 501. Find out how Buzz Aldrin can bring new customers to your office and learn about: Savia, effortless hearing using digital bionics; miniValeo, a truly miniature BTE with nearly invisible slim tube option; plus more groundbreaking products coming soon! (800) 777-7333;

IHS Booth No. 415
ADA Booth No. 501

Rayovac Corp
Rayovac, a world leader in hearing aid battery technology, introduces new Rayovac Advanced hearing aid batteries. Stop by IHS booth 109 and ADA booths 404 and 406 to learn how Rayovac is “Advancing the Power of Hearing.” (800) 356-7422;

IHS Booth No. 109
ADA Booth No. 404, 406

Rexton Inc
Hearing health professionals worldwide have selected Rexton hearing instruments because of our strong commitment to manufacturing hearing instruments of the highest technology, sophistication, versatility and quality. Visit us at ADA booth 515 and IHS booth 411 to learn more about our new comprehensive line of value-added digital hearing solutions. (800) 876-1141;

IHS Booth No. 411
ADA Booth No. 515

SeboTek® Hearing Systems
SeboTek® Hearing Systems is now a familiar name globally due to the expanded distribution and market demand of the newest innovation in hearing instruments: the Voice-Q™ PAC (Post-Auricular-Canal). Designed for applications from mild to severe hearing loss, the Voice-Q PAC style hearing instruments make attainment of the well-known deep canal benefits possible, including being practical and comfortable. We invite you to learn more about all four SeboTek PAC Voice-Q models at our booths. (800) 388-9041;

IHS Booth No. 119
ADA Booth No. 607

Siemens Hearing Instruments
Imagine a hearing solution so advanced it actually creates a true binaural experience. There is no need to just image. Discover ACURIS™ with e2e wireless™ that allows two hearing instruments to not only communication with each other, but function as one binaural hearing system. Creating a level of synchronization not possible before, manual adjustments made to one ear occurs simultaneously in both. See for yourself. Visit Siemens at ADA booth 301 or IHS booth 102 to learn more.

IHS Booth No. 102
ADA Booth No. 301

Sonic Innovations Inc
SONIC Innovations has recently launched INNOVA, our exciting new hearing aid line featuring DIRECTIONALfocus, a new form of adaptive directionality providing an unprecedented directional measure of 17 dB. Unlike other hearing aids, Sonic Innovation’s layers of patented, breakthrough features work together to provide your patients with an unmatched hearing experience. Innova empowers your patients to take control of even the most challenging listening environments. (801) 365-2800;

IHS Booth No. 513
ADA Booth No. 310

Starkey Laboratories
Starkey is proud to feature two new products. DaVinci PsP incorporates the contemporary design and improved functionality of the DaVinci BTE family. Precision frequency resolution, adaptive feedback cancellation, noise management and optional PDI make PsP an excellent solution for a wide range of losses. Aspect Xtra offers all the cosmetic and open-fitting advantages of the original OTE, but also includes adaptive feedback cancellation, noise management, and a softer earbud for increased fitting flexibility and comfort. (800) 328-8602;

IHS Booth No. 205-418
ADA Booth No. 101

Unitron Hearing
Moda, Unitron Hearing’s open fit 10A BTE, offers total performance, total style. Conversa.NT Moda’s advanced features include directionality, speech enhancement, noise reduction, feedback canceller, wind noise manager, multiple programs and telecoil. The choice of slim tube or a traditional earmold allows you to satisfy customers who have a wider range of hearing loss through the use of a full-performance 10A BTE. (800) 888-8882;

IHS Booth No. 505
ADA Booth No. 215

VIASYS/Grason-Stadler Inc
VIASYS/Grason-Stadler Inc, the industry leader in screening and diagnostic audiometric equipment, announces the introduction of a completely new clinical audiometer, the GSI Arrow. The GSI Arrow offers pure-tone and speech audiometry with masking. Present pure-tone or speech signals via air conduction, bone conduction, and sound field. This audiometer is ideal for the clinic, school system, or hearing aid dispensing practice. And, weighing about 5 pounds, it is light enough to carry to satellite locations. (800) 356-0007;

ADA Booth No. 700

Westone Laboratories Inc
For over 45 years, Westone has been here for you. The world has certainly changed in that time, but our commitment to earmold excellence and customer service has not. Originally, we were simply trying to build a better earmold. The success of Westone earmolds allowed us to build relationships with dispensers across the country, and through those relationships, we discovered new needs. In response to your requests, we began to offer impression material and supplies, batteries, and ALDs. Westone now has one of the most extensive product and supply lines for the hearing health care provider. Westone remains dedicated to contributing to your success. To find out more, come by our booths and say hello! (800) 525-5071;

IHS Booth No. 118
ADA Booth No. 414

2005 IHS Schedule

Wednesday, October 19
1 pm–7 pm Registration
2 pm–6 pm Interactive Workshop
4 pm–6:30 pm Conference of Chapter Leaders
6:30 pm–7:30 pm Welcome Reception
Thursday, October 20
7:15 am–6 pm Registration
7:15 am–8 am Continental Breakfast
7:15 am–6 pm Silent Auction
8 am–10 am Concurrent Seminars
10:15 am–12:15 pm Concurrent Seminars
12:30 pm–4 pm Annual Membership Meeting
6 pm–7 pm Welcome Reception for Exhibitors
7 pm–10 pm NBC-HIS Reception
Friday, October 21
7:15 am–8 am Continental Breakfast
7:15 am–6 pm Registration
8 am–10 am Concurrent Seminars
10:15 am–12:15 pm Concurrent Seminars
Noon–6 pm Exposition Open (includes lunch)
Noon–6 pm Silent Auction
1 pm Lunch in the Exhibit Hall
1 pm–5 pm NBC-HIS Exam
Saturday, October 22
8 am–noon Registration
8 am–9 am Licensing Board Meeting
8 am–10 am ACA Breakfast
8 am–noon Exposition Open (includes breakfast)
8 am–noon Silent Auction
9 am Brunch in the Exhibit Hall
12:15 pm–2:15 pm Technology Luncheon and Seminar
2:30 pm–4:30 pm Concurrent Seminars
6:30 pm–7 pm President’s Reception
7 pm–midnight Banquet and Entertainment

IHS Exhibitor List

Company Booth
Advanced Bionics Corporation 604
Audina Hearing Instruments 620
Audio Controle Inc 519
Audioscan 204
Beltone Electronics 508
Bernafon 224
Buxton 626
CareCredit 108
Cochlear Americas 623
Custom Earmold Labs 608
Discovery Hearing Aid Warranties
& Repair Hansaton Hearing Systems
Electone 220
Encore Hearing Consultants 611
Energizer Battery Company 330
Frye Electronics 105
FS Marketing Services 120
Genie Audio 612
GN ReSound Canada 122
Grant MacEwan College 107
Interton 125
Lotus Technologies 112
MedRx 525
MiraCell Inc 617
Miracle Ear 206
Oticon 405
Phonak 415
Phonic Ear 127
Renata US 624
Rexton 411
SeboTek Hearing Systems 119
Sennheiser 504
Siemens Hearing Instruments 102
Sonic Innovations 513
Sonus 618
Spectrum Brands Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries 109
Starkey Laboratories 205-418
Sycle 615
The Hearing Journal 613
The Hearing Review/Hearing Products Report 110
Unitron Hearing 505
Westone Laboratories 118
Widex 603

2005 International Hearing Society
October 19-23, 2005,
Quebéc City Convention Center,
Quebéc City, Quebéc, Canada

ADA Exhibitor List

Company Booth
Accreditation Commission for
   Audiology Education (ACAE)
Action Marketing 307
ADVANCE for Audiologists 616
Advanced Bionics Corporation 309
All American Mold Laboratories Inc 216
American Hearing Aid Associates 315
Arizona School of Health Sciences 606
Audient 217
Audina Hearing Instruments Inc 207
Audiology Awareness Campaign 604
Audiology Foundation of America 416
Audiology Online 519
Audioscan 601
AuDNet Inc 110
Auricle Ink Publishers 614
Beltone Electronics Corp 400
CareCredit 209
Computers Unlimited 516
Dry & Store/Ear Technology 319
Ear Q Group, The 611
Electone 418
Emtech Laboratories Inc 308
Energizer 311
ESCO/The HELPcard 411
Gillette/Duracell 211
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare 219
GN Otometrics 504
GN ReSound 401
Hal-Hen 409
Hearing Components 505
Hearing Health Care News 619
HearUSA Inc 708
HiTec Group International 214
Interacoustics/Maico 706
Interton 201
Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins 508
MedRx Inc 208
Micropower Battery Company 324
MicroTech 415
Mid States Labs 317
Midwest Hearing Industries 615
MiraCell 114
NeuroTone Inc 710
Nu Ear 102
Oaktree Products 300
Omni 206
Oticon Inc 509
Otodynamics/OAEs Direct 617
Otovation LLC 618
PCO School of Audiology 109
Phonak 501
Prairie Labs Inc 121
Qualitone 306
Rayovac Ultra ProLine 404
Rexton 515
SeboTek Hearing Systems 607
Siemens Hearing 301
Sonic Alert 602
Sonic Innovations 310
Sonovation Inc 503
Sonus USA Inc 402
Starkey Laboratories 101
Survival Strategies Inc 518
TeleAcoustics/MedAcoustics 417
The Hearing Review 408
Thermal Science 107
Unitron Hearing 215
VIASYS Healthcare 700
Vivatone Hearing Systems LLC 316
Vivosonic 100
Warner Tech-Care Products 111
Westone Laboratories Inc 414
Widex Hearing Aid Co 405

2005 ADA schedule

Wednesday, October 26
7:30 am–7 pm Registration Open
9 am–5 pm Pre-Conference Workshops
10 am–6 pm Exhibitor Registration Open
12:15 pm–1:30 pm Luncheon – Workshops
2 pm–5 pm Manufacturer Training Sessions
6:30 pm–10 pm Opening Reception in Exhibit Hall
Thursday, October 27
7:30 am–5 pm Registration Open
7:45 am–8:45 am Breakfast in Exhibit Hall
9 am–11 am Opening General Session and Keynote
11 am–1 pm Luncheon in Exhibit Hall
11 am–5 pm Exhibit Hall Open
1 pm–2 pm Concurrent Sessions
2:15 pm–3:15 pm Concurrent Sessions
3:15 pm–4 pm Refreshment Break in Exhibit Hall
4 pm–5 pm Concurrent Sessions
5:15 pm–7:15 pm AFA Art Auction
7:30 pm–11 pm Networking Reception
Friday, October 28
7:30 am–1 pm Registration Open
7:45 am–8:45 am Breakfast in Exhibit Hall
7:45 am–1 pm Exhibit Hall Open
9 am–10 am Concurrent Sessions
10 am–10:15 am Refreshment Break
10:15 am–11:15 am Concurrent Sessions
11:15 am–1 pm Luncheon in Exhibit Hall
12:30 pm–6 pm Staff Workshop
1 pm AFA Golf Tournament
1 pm ACAE Skeet Shooting
8 pm Manufacturers’ Open Houses
Saturday, October 29
7:30 am–4:30 pm Registration Open
8 am–9 am Breakfast Session
8 am–4:15 pm Staff Workshop
9:15 am–10:15 pm Concurrent Sessions
10:15 am–10:30 am Refreshment Break
10:30 am–11:30 am Concurrent Sessions
11:45 am–1:45 pm ADA Business Lunch (Members Only)
2 pm–3 pm Concurrent Sessions
3 pm–3:15 pm Refreshment Break
3:15 pm–4:15 pm Concurrent Sessions
6:30 pm–7:30 pm President’s Reception
7:30 pm–11 pm President’s Banquet

2005 Academy of Dispensing Audiologist
October 26-29, 2005,
Savannah International Trade and Convention Center,
Savannah, Ga