Somerset, NJ – Oticon has expanded the Oticon Agil, Acto, and Ino families, debuting new miniBTE styles at AAA in Boston. The new miniBTEs offer compact, discreet, and high performance meant to round out the product portfolios of Agil, Acto, and Ino lines.

The just-introduced miniBTEs are built on Oticon’s RISE 2 signal processing platform, engineered for output performance optimized to achieve high sound quality and frequency response, as well as minimizing feedback potential.

Meeting the demands of consumers who want full features and discretion, the miniBTEs feature a small, smooth, organic form that is compact and designed to sit comfortably behind the ear and align to the ear’s natural contours. Available in a choice of thin-tube or sound hook configurations with easy, snap-on couplings, each new miniBTE is reportedly built to withstand everyday usage and ensure high performance and reliability.

All the new miniBTEs are compatible with Oticon’s ConnectLine streaming system, including the new ConnectLine Microphone, which enables users to conduct clear and private one-on-one conversations in challenging listening situations.

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SOURCE: Oticon