Phonak has announced the launch of its new custom Virto V hearing aid, the latest addition to its line of hearing aids based on the Phonak Venture platform. The company reports that the Phonak Virto V runs on AutoSense OS, the next generation of technology automation, and draws on more than 200 settings to adapt to a sound environment without requiring any manual interaction.

According to Phonak, the new design features a faceplate with nano-coated battery doors, volume control, and a push button which provides better usability and durability. The new floating antenna is said to allow for a visible surface that is 25% less than the previous generation. Phonak Virto V is also compatible with Phonak CROS II Custom, the custom solution for single-sided deafness.

“We are very sensitive to the needs of those seeking a discreet yet powerful hearing solution,” said Martin Grieder, group vice president at Phonak. “The new Phonak Virto V offers an even clearer and more natural sound quality than the previous generation of custom hearing aids. There is no other hearing aid this small that is capable of this much performance.”

Some of the Phonak Virto V features highlighted in the company’s announcement include binaural VoiceStream technology that streams the full audio bandwidth between the two hearing aids in real time; wireless functionality that allows for an extra boost in challenging listening situations and connects Virto V with the comprehensive Phonak Wireless Communication Portfolio all the way down to a CIC form factor; acoustically optimized venting that uses sophisticated algorithms to define the acoustic mass, model and vent for providing maximum hearing comfort and performance; and the Tinnitus Balance noise generator.

Source: Phonak