Left to right: Steve Welch, HIS, outgoing president of the MHS; Robert Sweetow, PhD, keynote speaker; and Peter Lee, BC-HIS, president-elect of the MHS.

The 2-day New England Hearing Health Care Conference sponsored by the Massachusetts Hearing Society (MHS) was held in November was a resounding success.
Keynote speaker Robert Sweetow, PhD, of the University of California, spoke about "Moving from the Hearing Aid Evaluation to the Communication Needs Assessment” and "Beyond Hearing Aids: Aural Rehabilitation and LACE (Listening and Communication Enhancement)." 

Other speakers/topics included Jennifer Groth, MA, of GN Resound Group, "Five Misconceptions About Open Fitting Technology"; Melissa Pacey Mahaffey, AuD, of Phonak, "Hearing Aids and Cell Phones—Can You Hear Me Now?" and "Adult FM Technology Options"; Michael Clarke, MS, CCC-A, of Cochlear Americas, "Beyond Hearing Aids: Implantable Hearing Technology"; and Rudy Szady, BC-HIS/ACA, and Loleata Wigall, MS, CCC-A, FAAA, from the Massachusetts Board of Professional Licensure, "Ins and Outs of Dispensing Legally in Massachusetts."  A total of 11 CEUs were offered.
The MHS also elected new officers and directors. They are Peter Lee, BC-HIS, president; William Saccone, BC-HIS, VP; Anthony Wasiuk, BC-HIS, secretary; and Gary Rachins, BC-HIS, treasurer. The newly elected directors are Carla Bartolucci, BC-HIS/ACA; John Klefeker, BC-HIS; Robert Mario, BC-HIS; Stephen Welch, HIS; and Doriana Vicedomini, HIS.

The conference is held every 18 months.