EarQ Group, Syracuse, NY, introduces the Financial Freedom Program, which gives private practices access to business services that are normally difficult and costly for many small companies to offer. It includes retirement planning, health insurance, human resources support, and patient information management.

An EarQ Group membership is required to sign up for the program. Members can choose some or all of the services, which can be provided at no cost.

“By giving our members access to large company services, their practices are better able to compete and grow in spite of the current economic climate,” says Ed Keller, EarQ Group president.

Studies show that instability in the economic climate has reduced the number of services companies are able and willing to offer. Offering a 401K or Simple IRA and health insurance to staff members gives companies the advantage of hiring the best candidates and increasing employee morale. When practices use a patient information management system, they are better able to keep up with patient records and minimize marketing costs.

EarQ Group is a nationwide network of more than 750 practice locations that are all independently owned and operated. It provides members with practice support, including value-based marketing, business tools, audiology support and staff training. Each member is provided with an industry-trained business advisor to act as their assistant for all their business needs.