In Part 4 of this 5-part series, our roundtable takes on the topics of marketing and outreach to physicians, changing attitudes about hearing aids in younger patients, and a greater willingness to try new technology.

The Hearing Review  convened a Knowledge Summit Roundtable in conjunction with “12 Hours of Sebring,” an annual motorsports race held in Sebring, Fla, that kicks off what might be thought of as the “Grand Slam” of the 2013 American Le Mans Series (ALMS) endurance racing season. The roundtable, moderated by HR Editor-in-chief Karl Strom, featured Siemens Hearing Instruments Vice President of Audiology Thomas Powers, PhD, and five Florida-based audiologists and hearing instrument specialists: Mike Arpasi, BC-HIS; Chuck Oliver, BC-HIS; Cecilia Camacho, AuD; Andrea Livingston, AuD; and Roseanne Kiefer, BC-HIS.

Part 1 addresses questions related to noise-induced hearing loss. Watch it at:

Part 2 looks at tinnitus and pragmatic ideas for addressing it in a busy practice. Watch it at:

Part 3 poses questions about how we, as an industry, can increase market penetration and provide hearing healthcare to more consumers. Watch it at:

Part 4 takes on the topics of outreach to physicians and the new (and often younger) patients that are being seen in dispensing offices. Watch it at: