Neuromonics Inc, Westminster, Colo, is introducing what it calls an easy-to-use device to help tinnitus sufferers manage symptoms on demand.

The Neuromonics Haven™ is the company’s newest product to help individuals suffering from tinnitus, the condition often described as buzzing, ringing, hissing, humming, roaring, whistling, or “ringing in the ears” heard in the absence of any external sound. Globally, tinnitus affects an estimated 10-15% of the population. In the United States alone, more than 50 million people suffer from the condition, according to the American Tinnitus Association.

 The Haven blends an individualized, high-frequency signal with relaxing music to provide patients an on-demand sense of control and relief, while wearing the device. The new product is available by prescription, and programmed by an audiologist for a patient’s individual audiogram.

“With the ability to do in-office fittings, a patient can start to experience relief almost immediately,” says Curtis Amann, vice president of marketing and sales for Neuromonics. Haven Solo

Haven Features

“The Haven is not a masking device,” explains Amann. “Rather, the management tool works to promote new neural connections that allow the brain to help filter out the tinnitus perception while also breaking the negative limbic system attachment the body has to the tinnitus perception.”

 Features include:

  • Individualized spectral profile;
  • Programmable via NOAH interface (industry-standard software platform for hearing device fitting);
  • Balance control to help deal with asymmetries; and
  • Ability to regulate the neural stimulus volume.

The Haven serves as a step between Neuromonics’ Oasis™ and Sanctuary™ devices. The Oasis is the FDA-cleared, patented, and clinically proven device that offers long-term treatment and significant relief for severe tinnitus. The Sanctuary functions in a similar manner as the Haven, providing situational relief, but it works with a choice of pre-programmed profiles rather than individualized spectral profiles. The company says all three Neuromonics devices are simple to use, functioning much like familiar consumer music players.

Full-Service Tinnitus Company

“With the addition of the Haven to the product line, Neuromonics is providing effective treatment for the full range of those dealing with tinnitus—from those with severe symptoms to those needing only situational relief,” says Amann. “Delivering proven technology and treatment for the entire spectrum of tinnitus patients speaks to Neuromonics’ emergence as a full-service tinnitus company.

“The growing product portfolio is particularly important for members of the military,” continues Amann. “Usually brought on by exposure to loud noise, tinnitus—often referred to as ‘ringing in the ears’—is especially significant in the military. More than 34% of returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from the condition and, while there is no tinnitus cure, they would like some relief.”

Neuromonics developed the Haven with funds received from the US Army Medical Research Acquisition Act. “With the Haven, Neuromonics now can provide treatment for the full range of tinnitus that particularly affects those who have served their country,” says Amann.

Source:  Neuromonics Inc